Chris Christie Prediction: ‘In 2017, There Won’t Be Obamacare’

Chris Christie Prediction: ‘In 2017, There Won’t Be Obamacare’

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie suggested that by 2017, Obamacare would be repealed if a Republican wins the presidency and Republicans maintain the majority in the House and Senate.

Christie made his remarks during his monthly Ask the Governor show on New Jersey radio station 101.5.

The host of the show pointed out that premiums for health insurance were actually going up as high as 13 percent.

“Yeah, it doesn’t work. There’s a shock. It doesn’t work,” Christie shot back, highlighting that people were not being allowed to keep their doctor or their health plan as President Obama promised.

Christie predicted that the healthcare system would only get worse.

“By the way, all the bad stuff hasn’t even happened yet,” he said pointing to parts of the law that had been deferred by the Obama administration. “People aren’t happy now. Imagine when all the bad stuff kicks in; people are going to be absolutely enraged over this thing,” he added.

Discussing the controversy engulfing Jonathan Gruber’s congressional hearing, Christie said that “his big sin is that he told the truth and got caught doing it.”

Christie said that Obama exhibited “extraordinary overreach” by pushing through his plan, and he suggested that Democrats would suffer politically.

“I think there will be a Republican president, there could very well be a Republican Congress, and if that’s the case, in 2017, there won’t be Obamacare,” Christie predicted.

“Is it going to be you?” asked the host, referring to a possible presidential run.

“Oh, what do I know?” Christie replied. “We’ll see.”


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