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Trump ‘seriously considering’ 2016 bid

By Eric Bradner, CNN
updated 9:57 AM EST, Tue December 16, 2014
Celebrity mogul Donald Trump says he is
Celebrity mogul Donald Trump says he is “seriously” considering a 2016 presidential bid.

Washington (CNN) — Once again, Donald Trump claims he’s flirting with a run for the White House.

“A lot of people think I have fun with [talking about running for president] and I enjoy the process, but the country is in very serious trouble so I am considering it seriously,” the celebrity mogul said at the Economic Club of Washington on Monday night.

Asked when he’ll decide, Trump said: “March, April or May.”

“I think we need someone very good, very fast, or we’ll be in a lot of trouble,” Trump said.

He said he’d rather do what he’s doing now, but that as far as a run for the presidency goes, “until I see someone I think is outstanding, I’d be inclined to do it.”

In 2012, Trump famously considered running for president, even saying he’d sent researchers to Hawaii to examine President Barack Obama’s citizenship status.

But he never formally entered the fray and eventually endorsed eventual Republican nominee Mitt Romney at a joint event in Las Vegas.

“There are some things that you just can’t imagine happening in your life,” Romney said at the time. “This is one of them.”


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