Cheap,abundant & very safe nuclear power…..Thorium Davy Ro Davy Ro 230,149 Published on Oct 13, 2012 Why are the governments of the world who use nuclear energy not using Thorium reactors? It’s safe abundant & very cheap.The fact of the matter is Thorium isn’t any good for there nuclear weapons.So they will risk the human civilization from now to however many generations survive there stupidity.It’s all about greed & power.Thorium reactors would give us no harmful waste as well as all the other benefits from using this abundant material.When will we say enough is enough.I’ll tell you when after a nuclear disaster that will end up killing half of the planet,thats what it will take for them to stop the madness.Make no mistake this will happen.There will be a time when in the not to distant future an natural disaster will cause more the one nuclear plant to go into meltdown.We must put a stop to this insanity now.

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