Threat to Pegida: On Monday, police in Dresden prohibits all demonstrations so much for freedom of speech in Germany!! Commy/socialist/fascist big government big brother, socialism is fascism is commnism


Threat to Pegida: On Monday, police in Dresden prohibits all demonstrations

Pegida-demonstration on January 12 in Dresden: next rally cancelled
No Pegida March on Monday in Dresden: The police has banned all public gatherings in the open air due to terror threat.

Dresden – the fear of terrorist attacks in Germany has reached a new dimension: the Dresden police headquarters on Monday all has banned public meetings in the open air. The planned Pegida demonstration is taking place so that as little as the manifestation of the opposing Alliance “Dresden for all”.


“We are in the assessment of the current situation no longer just an abstract danger, but a concrete”, quoted Police President Dieter Kroll in a release. “It goes to a member of the Orgateams of Pegida and the meetings for the 19 January 2015.”
This assessment was based on information from the Federal and the State Investigation Bureau. Therefore, bombers were called to mix, to promptly commit a murder of a person from the organization team of the Islamic movement among the Pegida demonstrators. This call resembles a Tweet sent via a Twitter account, where in Arabic the Pegida demonstration become referred to as “Enemy of Islam”, it means at the disposal of the police.

Information to the specific approach of possible assassins are not available according to the police. But: “against this background and with a view on the characteristic terrorist attacks is also with the homicidal resources can be expected.” It is to assume a direct danger of life and of all participants in meetings.

Warning foreign intelligence services

Potential perpetrators not evidence the police claims. There is therefore no appropriate means of police to ward off this danger. Other measures as banning Assembly were inadequate to ensure safety in Dresden on Monday.


The organizers of Pegida had previously communicatedthat was canceled the rally because of a specific threat. As the News Agency dpa reported, it should be threats of Islamist extremists against Organizer Lutz Bachmann. There is no official confirmation of the security authorities.
Pegida regularly organizes demonstrations against an alleged Islamization of the Western world since mid-October. About 25,000 people attended last Monday according to police the demonstration in Dresden.

According to information of the mirror, foreign intelligence services had warned German authorities jihadists had discussed attacks on Pegida marches. The main train stations of Berlin and Dresden were named as possible targets of attack (you read here more about the topic and in the new mirror )).


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